About Solo

Our Customers

Our customers and resellers of our products, the SOLO specialized dealers, are our closest partners in our desire to gain as many satisfied users as possible to allow them to actively praise the SOLO product. With top class equipment and top class service we aim to convey to customers our enthusiasm for SOLO. We shall spare no effort and shall take every opportunity to achieve that objective.

Our quality products

Our quality is the distinguishing feature in a highly competitive market situation that is increasingly dominated by the price fight with mass produced articles. Our brand is the symbol of our constant effort to produce durable equipment. In our eyes, a SOLO mower, SOLO pressure sprayer, SOLO chainsaw or any other SOLO product is a success when that SOLO machine has operated without problems for many years and will prompt the customer to purchase further SOLO machines.
Exemplary, classic quality models from the house of SOLO.

Our Environment

We are linked with our customers by the pleasure of maintaining and retaining livable surroundings. It is exactly for that reason that we develop, produce and distribute machines for use in the forest and for the garden as well as for general landscape preservation. When we design and develop new products we place great importance on environmental aspects: reduction of fuel consumption in relation to performance, reduction of harmful emission, noise reduction etc. During the manufacturing process we strictly observe all available environmental guide lines. In many ways we even go further. For example, we use fuel and lubricants that are less harmful to the environment. However, our biggest contribution is the manufacturing of quality products for the enjoyment of our customers over a long time.

Technology of the future applied today complies with all EU standards. The SOLO Blower 471 with catalytic converter.